Your fairytale


Nestled in the quiet of the countryside, Tenuta Sei Ore awaits you in Gambara to experience your events in a magical place where nature and history still coexist in perfect harmony.  Experience your event in a timeless  and out-of-the-ordinary dimension.


How to reach us

FROM BRESCIA: follow SP24 for 37km to Tenuta Sei Ore in Gambara.

FROM DESENZANO: follow SP567 and SP343 to VIa Tangenziale Nordovest/SP2 to Asola, then take SP5 to Cadimarco locality and SP24 to Tenura Sei Ore in Gambara.

FROM CREMONA: follow road SP11 to Isola Dovarese, then take SP2 to Casalromano and then SP4 to Tenura Sei Ore and Gambara.