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Happy party to you! Be surprised by the most original and striking location for your birthday, graduation or private party.

If you are looking for a special and unique location to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, graduation and any occasion special to you in the most unforgettable way, start reading this story.

It is the story of a place that has been present for centuries but hidden in the green of lower Brescia, far from the eyes of most but not from the heart of those who know it. A place where all year round you can experience a direct relationship with nature and the precious tradition that has accompanied it for centuries outside and inside the walls of Tenuta Sei Ore. Here you will find great spaces outdoors and inside magnificent halls, ready to welcome all your desire to celebrate and have fun with those you love most. You will be able to choose the preferred setting for your party or change it according to your wishes: in the cool of the large arcades surrounding the central inner courtyard, and in the open air among gardens and fountains or in the park with a pond, from its pier you can also admire the fireworks and party in style. Even inside the large architectural complex of Tenuta Sei Ore you will experience unique and exciting moments, the elegant interior rooms are divided into large halls of various sizes, adorned with vaulted ceilings with exposed brick supported by rows of columns, a unique atmosphere, rich in historical and traditional values, the most suitable to give your event all the importance and emotion you desire.

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